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GS English: America in election year 2020 : Chronicle of a “Fight for America’s soul”

By • Mai 1st, 2024 • Category: International

“I’m voting for the president I’ll make more money under” (an unnamed hard-working American on German television)

Arbeid en Rijkdom: Geweldsmonopolie, Volk, Leitkultur / De aanpak van sociale ontevredenheid per democratie

By • Mrz 29th, 2024 • Category: International

– 150 jaar markteconomie: de rijken steeds rijker, de armen steeds armer – de normale waanzin

Masterminds of critical social science thinking: 1. Pierre Bourdieu

By • Feb 10th, 2024 • Category: International

Capital as „social energy“ – the functioning of the „social world“

GS English: Ukraine, Gaza — The wars of 2023

By • Jan 14th, 2024 • Category: International

Bloody lessons on the fruits of national sovereignty — and the terrible way popular opinion about it is formed

Critique of theories about post-colonialism

By • Dez 28th, 2023 • Category: International

Overview of the main themes of Michael Kuhn’scritique of these theories.

GS English: “Anti-racists” vs. “Racists”

By • Dez 23rd, 2023 • Category: International

The non-racist class state and it’s mutually hostile moral critics

GS English: Turmoil in the home of the Jewish people

By • Nov 21st, 2023 • Category: International

Remarks on how Israel’s state crisis is connected with the success of its no-state solution for Palestine

Ruthless Criticism: Dissenting views on the Israel-Hamas war

By • Okt 29th, 2023 • Category: International

Once again Hamas strikes Israel, and this time succeeds in a bloody attack on its heartland, which is otherwise successfully shielded from Israeli-Palestinian hostilities, on a somewhat unusual scale.

GS English: On the significance of nuclear deterrence in the Ukraine war

By • Okt 14th, 2023 • Category: International

[Translated from Gegenstandpunkt: Politische Vierteljahreszeitschrift 3-2023, Gegenstandpunkt Verlag, Munich]

Arbeid en Rijkdom: Het organiseren van een anti-Russisch front

By • Okt 14th, 2023 • Category: International

[Enkele voorbeelden in: GEGENSTANDPUNKT 3-2023]