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[online] 21.01.2024 | Thinkshop: Why any state solution is the continuation of oppression and poverty

Von • Dez 13th, 2023 • Kategorie: Veranstaltungen

Michael Kuhn invites you to another online discussion:

6 pm (CET)

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This thinkshop will 

1.) argue why fighting for independence, the creation of state societies, as the history of de-colonialisation shows and as shown in the case of the current Middle East conflicts no matter of one or two states, why fighting for independence is the continuation of poverty and oppression and show that poverty and oppression is the essential nature of these state societies. It will argue a) how in these states and heir political system is in one or the other way the exclusion of people from the decision making about their fundamental living conditions and b) that economically pursuing any live aim via money, set into force by nation states as the only allowed way of pursuing any life aim, results in the poverty of those who produce this money wealth. c)  From the point of view of the entire dependency of the existence of citizens on their nation state the world is a battlefield of national societies fighting against each other about jobs, that is about the existence (survival) of these national citizen societies. Nationalism, racism and hence the demarcation and hostility towards other nationals and their state is a natural feature of citizen societies in a world of nation states, thus the reservoir of violence ready for the explosion if needed for the rivalries among these nation states…..   

2.) It will then argue, why and how the contemporary scientific discourses among critical thinkers under the approach of a „de-colonization“ are the way to create and to stick to the dreamy illusions of independence, that is of a nation state serving the needs of people, by  – falsely – explaining the existing continuation of oppression and poverty in these independent states as a not really reached independency and by doing this how this feeds this project of independence with all its illusionary expectations, with which the oppressed and poor people are agitated for fights for independence, fights for which these people sacrifice their lives. An ongoing drama in  the former colonized world, now – substantially – consisting of the very independent states and their citizen societies, an achievement of independency for which people sacrificed and sacrifice their lives, today – though in different ways – experienced by the people in the Middle East, in Israel and Gaza, in their fights for independent states.

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