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GS English: „How the US wants to modernize its imperialism“

Von • Mai 29th, 2023 • Kategorie: International

GS English: „How the US wants to modernize its imperialism“
[Translated from Gegenstandpunkt: Politische Vierteljahreszeitschrift 1-2023, Gegenstandpunkt Verlag, Munich]

America’s money dominates world markets for commodities and capital. America’s cyber industries dominate global communications. America’s navy controls the world’s oceans. America’s strategic weapons can demolish any enemy’s strategic potential as needed. The USA is on its way to making sure Russia is ostracized around the world and its power destroyed. It is countering China’s efforts to revise the prevailing world order by declaring a cold war of good guys — democracies — against bad guys — autocrats.

So what’s missing?

From the Americans’ point of view: an absolute guarantee of future success. The USA will not accept that such a thing may be impossible to have in a world of competing sovereigns. It knows how to get it: by demanding it of itself.

Specifics were provided by the government’s National Security Advisor, Jake Sullivan, in a speech last September.

– First, investing in our science and technology ecosystem
– Second, nurturing top STEM talent
– Third, protecting our technological advantages
– Fourth, deepening and integrating our alliances and partnerships

This is the “strategic” view that the American President’s security advisor takes when looking at the USA’s established relations with other powers. If the power leading the free world decides to change its strategy, then these relations give it equally many levers for utilizing its friends who subscribe to the American way of life for its project:

“We are also … linking all of our efforts with like-minded economies into an integrated strategy built on the premise that we are stronger when we leverage the capabilities and common purpose of friends and allies.”

It’s that simple. In view of the fact that the major “economies” are already “like-minded,” nothing stands in the way of their being commissioned by America, their being “integrated” into an overall strategy with a clear relationship between who’s in charge and who’s being used. This is how the leading power wants a new America-serving regime over the world of states to inevitably emerge. Its supporters’ services that it threw away under Biden’s predecessor are being restored. To Sullivan, the US is on the right track:

“Almost two years into the Biden Administration, we have reinforced the foundations on which American power and influence sit.”

„Sachdienliche Auskünfte zur Modernisierung des amerikanischen Imperialismus“ (GS 1-23)

Amerikas Geld beherrscht die Weltmärkte für Waren und Kapital. Amerikas Cyber-Industrien dominieren die globale Kommunikation. Amerikas Kriegsflotten kontrollieren die Weltmeere. Amerikas strategische Waffen zerlegen bei Bedarf jedes feindliche strategische Potenzial. An der weltweiten Ächtung und praktischen Zerstörung der russischen Macht wird gearbeitet. Chinas Bemühungen um eine Revision der herrschenden Weltordnung kontert Amerika mit einer kalten Kriegserklärung der Demokratien – der Guten – gegen die Autokraten – die Bösen.

Woran fehlt es ?

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