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Ruthless Criticism (June 2020)

Von • Jun 3rd, 2020 • Kategorie: International

Ruthless Criticism (June 2020):


Why are American cops so brutal?


There’s a widespread sense that the police in America are running amok. On the one hand, news about police murders is so routine that it is widely acknowledged as systematic. On the other hand, everyone, including protestors, is quick to deny that this brutality is a requirement of police work; it is said that the police are misusing their badges, taking the law into their own hands, or violating their public responsibilities.

This contradiction is dealt with by treating each new incident of police violence as an abberation; individual policemen or whole departments or even the entire American way of policing is said to be out of line with the official ideal of policing. But doesn’t the rogue nature of so many police tell us something about what the police stand for in American society? How does a cop do the work of a cop without being a cop? (…)

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