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Ruthless Criticism (March 2011)

Von • Mrz 21st, 2011 • Kategorie: International

Ruthless Criticism (March 2011):

Nuclear energy as a weapon in the imperialist competition between states

[Taken from a lecture by an editor of GegenStandpunkt, the Marxist quarterly from Germany]

Why does the supply of energy in capitalism harm people?
What purposes make not exactly trouble-free nuclear energy so charming for the state?
Why, when it comes to the demand for energy, does the state massively intervene in the otherwise sacrosanct competition of the free market?
What questions of international power do the world economic powers – the US, Europe, and Japan – bring up and carry out under such harmless-sounding technical names as “mixed energy” and “energy security”?
Why don’t energy managers, neither as engineers nor as business administrators, offset and substitute nuclear energy with alternative energy, but scheme against the rest of the world?

1. Nuclear energy: power for capitalist growth …
2. … is a state program: National energy for competition on the world market 3. Imperialist energy policy: “energy security” through domestic mixed energy and the control of the energy states 4. The state’s nuclear program: a question of power

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