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GegenStandpunkt Italiano (11/09/2017)

By • Feb 12th, 2018 • Category: International

Lotta continua nello Stato italiano in crisi

Il progresso del movimento sindacale nei tempi della lotta per il posto di lavoro

Ruthless Criticism: Swiss TV weatherman Jörg Kachelmann and French politician Dominique Strauss-Kahn in court for rape

By • Feb 4th, 2018 • Category: International

Prominent men fuck no-name women— what does the law say?

GS English (January 31, 2018)

By • Feb 4th, 2018 • Category: International

Morality — The Good Conscience of Class Society

GS English (December 16, 2017)

By • Dez 19th, 2017 • Category: International

The system of free competition and what it is about

Ruthless Criticism: Nationalism

By • Nov 27th, 2017 • Category: International

Nationalism: useful for those at the top – idiotic for everyone below

GS English: Who earns how much and why? – Against moralism in the income debate

By • Nov 1st, 2017 • Category: International

On the (in-)equation between earning and deserving

GS English: Donald Trump and the World

By • Sep 25th, 2017 • Category: International

I. What Trump demands from the capitalistic world economy: “Jobs for the American people”
II. Trump’s rejection of the world order: “I’m going to rip up these bad trade deals and we’re going to make really good ones.”
III. Trump’s mission for America’s super-power: “we have to start winning wars again!”

RC: Trump / Snowden

By • Jul 29th, 2017 • Category: International

a) Donald Trump and his people – united in the pursuit of happiness
b) The Snowden Affair: Freedom vs. security – a false alternative! (Video with English subtitles)

Ruthless Criticism

By • Jan 9th, 2017 • Category: International

– All that can be done with Marx!
– The decline of the West – turned to the left From left wing friend of the workers to pessimistic-optimistic philosopher of history
– The Soviet Union: Socialism as a World Power
– Utopia and Marxism

GS English – Brexit

By • Nov 27th, 2016 • Category: International

The ‘Brexit’ – Clarifications on the cancellation of Britain’s EU membership by the state and the people