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RC: Trump / Snowden

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RC: Trump / Snowden


A victory for “populism” in the heart of democracy

Donald Trump and his people – united in the pursuit of happiness


[Translated from GegenStandpunkt 2-17]

A great president serving a great people

At the end of January, a man comes to power in the USA who fosters an unshakeable belief in the greatness of the American people and a pure hatred for the country’s “political establishment.”

He holds the latter responsible for the catastrophic state of the nation, which doesn’t come close to the magnificent achievements that Trump believes his countrymen capable of. Unlike his critics and competitors who arrive with reports about the success of the economic dominance of Silicon Valley and Wall Street, about the strength of the American military and about the openness, progressiveness and dynamism of the USA’s scientific and cultural life, Trump detects vast disasters in economic, domestic and foreign policies, not to mention in morals: the US is being beat in world trade by big and small competitors; the once glorious “heartland” of industrial world dominance has become a squalid “rust belt”; Americans ready for hard work are finding fewer and fewer jobs and making an ever worse living because today the industrial companies that they made great with their labor would rather have work done elsewhere. And America has not won a war in a long time, and not much in other respects as well. Trump diagnoses an unacceptable damage to the world power of the USA that it is no longer unambiguously acknowledged in the world as number one in every respect. This is simply impossible because, according to Trump, the greatness of the Americans – whoever they are or whatever they do as individuals – consists precisely in that they, as a collective of winners, outshine their competitors across the globe in every respect. No country and no people on this earth is as beautiful as America and the Americans, which for Trump means nothing and nobody can beat them in the battle that for him just makes up the world in all areas. So if the condition of the American people, the wealth of their nation, and the power of their state lag so far behind what this people is really capable of and predestined for, simply unparalleled and unreachable supremacy in every arena where nations are compared, then the American people are obviously being hindered from actualizing their greatness in their own country, thus are no longer kings of the castle.


This must be rectified.

– A struggle against America’s politics as usual …

– … for the benefit of the neglected hard-working Americans …

– … and against their enemies within

– The absolute right of a president committed to his people




Ein Sieg des ‚Populismus‘ im Herzen der Demokratie Donald Trump und sein Volk – zu ihrem Glück vereint





Video with English subtitles:


The Snowden Affair: Freedom vs. security – a false alternative!


Edward Snowden, a former employee of American intelligence agencies, lost faith in his employers and provided the world with revelations about the continuous, global surveillance of citizens by the NSA and other intelligence agencies. The political reactions and the excited public debates about the inextricable conflict between “freedom”

  1. “security” leave no doubt: Snowden’s disclosures are not just about any field of politics, but a core area of the free democracies. State authorities in the USA and elsewhere justify the surveillance of e-communications by saying that they have to guarantee the security of their citizens in addition to freedom, and that 100% of both is not possible at the same time. They insist that the control and controllability of each and every person is part of freedom. They are quite right – and that tells us something interesting about the great value of freedom.


A lecture by Peter Decker from the German Marxist journal GegenStandpunkt

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