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GS English – Brexit

Von • Nov 27th, 2016 • Kategorie: International

GS English


The ‘Brexit’ – Clarifications on the cancellation of Britain’s EU membership by the state and the people

[Translated from Gegenstandpunkt: Politische Vierteljahreszeitschrift 3-16, Gegenstandpunkt Verlag, Munich]

The British people voted for Brexit 52% to 48%. In view of this result, there is a sense of disbelief across the rest of Europe. Just how can such a fundamental question of the reason of state for the nation in particular, and for Europe in general, be put to the people to answer? How irresponsible of Prime Minister Cameron not only to gamble with Britain’s future in the EU but possibly risk the future of all Europe, simply because he wanted to have the upper hand against his Europhobic party members. The interested public in Germany and elsewhere may well understand the dual calculation of the British prime minister, namely to put pressure on the EU by threatening a referendum in order to negotiate more beneficial conditions of membership so that he could end the permanent row about EU membership that paralysed his party. But now that Cameron has ‘lost the gamble’, no one will understand any more. After the first spiteful comments – if you ask the people, you shouldn’t be surprised if you eventually fritter away not only your own career but also the future of the nation! – there is now general concern in Europe about how to end the ‘insecurity’ as fast as possible in the upcoming ‘difficult and lengthy negotiations’ with a British government that has decided to leave Europe; to limit the damage caused by losing a key member; and to rebuild a relationship with Britain that is useful for the present state and future progress of the EU. Britain on its part – for all the excitement that the supporters of the exit show about their regained ‘independence’ – has to bear in mind its continued politico-economic ‘dependence’ on the EU, that’s for sure.


I. Remain or leave? The people are allowed to decide which political alternative ‘makes Britain greater’

‘We want our country back. Vote leave!’

‘Vote remain!’ – because Britain is greater in the EU

The fight over the Europe-oriented reason of state of the ‘Great Nation’ – handed to the people as a vote of confidence


II. The politico-economic content of the Brexit referendum: the euro crisis and European crisis competition escalate the contradictions between the Eurozone and United Kingdom – to the point of an ultimate decision by the nation on the usefulness of its EU membership

The fundamental contradiction of a leading EU member state that has its own currency and is part of a single market managed by 19 eurozone states with a common currency

The intensification of the antagonistic relationship between eurozone and British ‘outsider’ in the euro crisis

Translating the objective antagonism between Great Britain and the EU into two political positions – and its result: Brexit, the cancellation of this contradictory relationship


III. Brexit – a loss for the EU: the union of states loses in imperialistic power, and Germany fights for its cohesion



Der „Brexit“ – Klarstellungen zur Aufkündigung der britischen EU-Mitgliedschaft durch Staat und Volk

Die deutsche Öffentlichkeit versteht ‚die Briten‘ nicht mehr: Wie kann man in einer für die Nation im Besonderen und für Europa im Allgemeinen so grundsätzlichen Frage der Staatsräson das Volk befragen! Die Häme über britisches Chaotentum weicht allerdings schnell der Sorge, wie man in den anstehenden „langwierigen Verhandlungen“ mit der zum Brexit entschlossenen britischen Regierung möglichst schnell die „Unsicherheit“ beenden und den Schaden begrenzen kann.

Worin der besteht, woran Großbritanniens Politiker sich national zerstreiten, worüber das Volk eigentlich abgestimmt hat – und warum Großbritannien und Europa nicht mehr zusammen-, aber auch nicht friedlich-schiedlich auseinandergehen – das alles ist im Artikel zu lesen.

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