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Ruthless Criticism – What one learns in school about Marxism

Von • Sep 26th, 2016 • Kategorie: International

Ruthless Criticism

What one learns in school about Marxism

That communism is a bad system, namely that of our old enemies; that Marxism is an abysmal and inhuman false doctrine, because it is incompatible with our nice values; that it is a pig-headed dogma, because it is not free and critical like approval of our system is; that it is a spiritual epidemic against which one must protect young minds, even though it is recommended nowhere. All of this has long been known by teachers of social studies, history, English, religion and even gym.

Once, some fledgling critical teachers still acknowledged old Marx, who developed such a radical theory, which thank God in today’s time is devoid of any basis because today things are so good, almost too good.

And now during these historic times, ladies and gentlemen finally stand on the side of the winners: they regard the fact that the so-called real-socialist states have torn down their own system and capitulated to the economic and military power of the West as the disproof of communism.

So no one needs to reject Marxism during tedious school lessons anymore, but simply celebrate our community as the nicest and the best.

One didn’t need to read even a single line of the old theorist, either for the previous rejection of Marx or for today’s final victory. He is counted as a failure along with the failure of the states which invoked his name.

Incidentally, Marx regarded it exactly inversely. He produced an analysis of capitalism, and he stuck to his criticism of the system all the more when it functioned very well. The man is therefore quite current.


Everything has a price …

… even work

Wages are costs …

… and not a means of living

No private property without state power

One must already be in favor of it

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